Tools For Gardening, Basic Checklist Of Most Used Tools

We gardener’s love our tools and even though we have our favorites we can’t resist trying new tools for gardening as we come across them.

Regardless of the size of your garden there are basic tools that are needed for all gardens. There are the extras that are nice to have. Then there’s the “Big Boy” or “Big Girl” Toys. These cost more and are really nice to use; if you have a large garden or piece of property than these are actually necessities for maintaining your property.

Basic Tools for Gardening:

Leather gardening gloves: get good ones that will last
Shovel with a rounded edge: for digging and moving dirt around
Spade: cutting edges, dividing plants and digging
Spading or Potato Fork: breaking up lumps of soil, digging potatoes, turning and aerating compost
Pitch Fork: lifting piles of garden debris
Bow Rake: helps with keeping the soil on your garden leveled and getting rid of the weeds in your garden
Leaf Rake: raking up leaves
Chipping Hoe: remove weeds and loosen soil around plants
Pruning Shears: pruning plants
Pruning Saw: removing branches off trees
Hand Trowel: working in the soil around your plants
Hand Cultivator: loosen the soil and weeding
Hand Transplanter: transplanting starts
Cultivator or Mini Tiller: not a must but makes it easier to loosen the soil, dig fence post holes, and mix soil amendments
Mattock: working in rocky soil, picking rock
Watering Can: watering and fertilizing plants
Garden Hose
Axe or Hatchet
String or twine
Wheelbarrow or wagon
Extra Tools for Gardening:

Tiller: for digging up and preparing garden areas
Weed Eater: nice for manicuring
Edger: nice for manicuring
Lawn Mower: maintaining lawn
Shredder: shred garden waste for compost or bark
Composter: quick way to compost organic matter
Nice to have but Expensive Tools for Gardening:

DR Power Wagon with Electric Start, nicer than a wheelbarrow or garden cart as it can carry 800 pounds and is powered; easy to use
DR Big Wheeled Weed Eater with Electric Start and brush cutter, nice for being overgrown areas maintained and can cut through trees up to 3 inches thick, easy to use
Tractor with front loader
Items for Maintaining Your Gardening Tools:

Files: sharpening tools
Sandpaper: sanding the wood handles as needed
Tung Oil: for sealing the wood handles and keeping the moisture out
Rags: for cleaning tools and applying oil
Roll of Paper Towels
Brush: remove dirt from tools
Can of Air: remove dust and debris
Shovels and spades have long handles or a D-Ring handle. When you go shopping for tools, you’ll want to hold and feel them. Find one that is the right weight, feels comfortable and is built to do the job you are planning on using it for. Take your time and find just the right one. Once you’re home, if it doesn’t feel right, you won’t want to use it.

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